Over its last few seasons, the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble has come tantalizingly close to truly achieving a complex, new style of theatrically-minded performance. Friday night at City Theatre on the South Side, it was Tantalus himself who put the group over the hump in the premiere of Just Out of Reach, a smart and moving original production co-written by Kevin Noe and Kieren MacMillan.
— Andrew Druckenbrod, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In 2013 "Falling", Barlow Endowment commission written for the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble and soprano Lindsay Kesselman, is based on the James Dickey poem of the same name that traces a flight attendant's fall from an airplane (based on an actual New York Times article) and kaleidoscopically details her intense psychological and physical journey to the ground.

Some moments from 'Radiance' by Ned McGowan, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion. The piece (40 min.) is centered around the bowed piano technique, where one bows the piano strings with rosined fishing line. Performed by the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble on July 30, 2010, under the direction of Kevin Noe.