The PNME team is ALL IN for #GiveBigPittsburgh! 

The Pittsburgh Foundation and Pittsburgh Magazine have teamed up to develop a new fundraising opportunity for Pittsburgh nonprofits: #GiveBigPittsburgh - November 28th, 2017! #GivingTuesday is the perfect time to give to your friends in green, as your support will make us eligible for a whole host of corporate prize money! 

New Direction

We are the beginning of a next evolution. We pause to tip our hat to the great David Stock - and to all the great audiences that have supported the first 25 years of PNME with David at the helm, and the wonderful audiences, composers and artists who have supported us for the last 18 years in the "Theatre of Music" style. 

But now... it's time for PNME 3.0.

An exciting new phase in our artistic evolution, we are embracing the mind-blowing world of binaural technology. This is a game-changer for us, with a universe of possibilities we've only begun to explore, and we can't WAIT to share what little discoveries we have made with you. 

Check out the video below for a bit about the project, and consider supporting this organization which already has an astounding 300 commissions to date. We are headed into the next 300 - and it is going to be immersive... and we are going to lead it.  

Buckle up...

The Project

Click on the video below for a little demo of what we're up to...