The David Stock Legacy Project

In 2015,  PNME created the “David Stock Legacy Project” after our dear Founder’s passing, with the intention of preserving his catalogue and disseminating that catalogue to the new music community.


This fund supports two main projects: 


PNME has embarked on an ambitious, multi-year project to record all of David’s works that fit within our instrumentation. These works will be made available on YouTube, shared with our followers via email blast and social media platforms, and on the subsequent David Stock Music website- provided publisher allowance. 

***Recordings from our 2017 season are currently in post-production and will be available within the next few months. 



In conjunction with the Stock family, PNME is in the process of developing and designing a new David Stock Music website that will include the following:

  • Biographical Information 
  • List of all available works
  • Where to buy or rent the parts
  • Any available recordings of his works (PNME or other groups)
  • Commissioning/premiering information 
  • Any other pertinent information about each piece 

***Information about the website will be distributed when it is live. This will be a multi-year, and hopefully ever-growing project. 


If you would like to support these projects, and specifically these projects, please indicate the “David Stock Legacy Project” in the notes section of your donation form.